August 9, 2012 at 6:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay I’m not trying to start WWWIII over here, but I was just on reading reviews of some restaurants.  Yes, I like to find new places to try and then I have to bookmark them somewhere so that I won’t forget!  Now I am a meat eater.  Most of the places I’m looking at are steakhouses or places that are known for creative platters based around meat.  It drives me CRAZY to see a review from a vegetarian that says “Well I went here, but they didn’t really have any vegetarian choices for me.”

Ummmmmm, what??  I cannot BELIEVE that at a steakhouse they had very few options for you.  In fact, I’m shocked.  Oh wait, I’m not.  I don’t go into a vegetarian restaurant and comment on the lack of meat options.  Don’t go to my places and complain.  We, by nature, are hunters and gatherers.  You have chosen not to eat meat.  You deal with the consequences.  Now, I know for some people it isn’t a choice.  I know several people that for medical reasons have had to cut meat out of their diet.  But for those who do it for the animals or for giggles, take your business elsewhere.  It is not every restaurants fault that you decided to cut out 65% of potential food.  If you have picky taste buds, crazy diet requests, or are just an asshole, then stay home!

End rant.


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