No More Restaurants with Brendan

July 24, 2012 at 3:11 pm (Uncategorized)

So after last night, I’ve decided I’m not going to eat with Brendan anymore at restaurants.  It seems that every time I go with him, my order gets messed up.  I remember one of the first times we ate together after I moved, he took me to this little cafe in Herndon.  It was very cute and there were some unique foods.  I decided to order one of the specials.  So I picked up the specials menu and pointed to the dish I wanted and said the name outloud.  I can’t remember exactly what it was but i believe it was tilapia.  I ended up getting some pork dish.  Pork and tilapia do sound alike and they were listed on completely seperate menus so I can understand how she got confused.  I didn’t want to wait for them to make my order so I just ate what they gave me. 

Another time, we went to Chilis and they had three new versions of quesadillas.  Again i can’t remember what I ordered, but there was a picture of it on the menu.  It was the only one of the new quesadillas that they had a picture of.  I pointed to it and said the name outloud.  Yeah, she brought me a completely different quesadilla.  This time, Brendan refused to let me eat it.  He requested that they bring me the right item. 

Last night, we went to Backyard Grill.  I had a Groupon.  I know, y’all are shocked.  I ordered first.  We wanted to start with the crab dip and I wanted the buffalo chicken wrap but instead of blue cheese, I wanted ranch and could I get that with coleslaw?  The waiter rolled his eyes and pulls out his notebook and says “Well now I have to write this down.”  Bear in mind that he had a trainee with him and had all of one other table besides us.  So he asks me to repeat my order, which I do and he says okay the buffalo chicken sandwich…  I said no the wrap.  Okay, yeah guess what he brought me?  The sandwich.  Once again, I refused to send it back.  I wasn’t going to wait and it was basically the same thing. 

I’ve never had this problem before.  Is it a new NOVA thing?  Is the next generation just really lazy and doesn’t care about their job?  I don’t know, but I would like to receive what I order!  To top it off, here’s a picture of their brunch menu.  Notice the problem? 



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