Colts Potential Blackout

July 12, 2012 at 7:42 pm (Uncategorized)

I think everyone knows that I have a huge passion for the city of Indianapolis.  It was an amazing home for me for five years and I honestly have a hard time saying a bad word about it.  However, this week, I’m very disappointed not only in Indianapolis, but in the local “Colts” fans.  I put Colts in quotes since a lot of people are bitter about the bad season last year and have dropped off the planet.  I’ve read the articles about how if the Colts don’t sell out then they will black out the games.  And then I’ve read the comments.  Everyone blaming Irsay.  Everyone yelling about how its unfair.  Everyone yelling about how the Colts should take the remaining tickets and give them to people who can’t afford to go.  Everyone saying Irsay should spend his money and buy the rest of the tickets.  My favorite was the guy who wrote Irsay=Obama.  My second favorite is a guy also blaming the fact that he would have to drive 200 miles to go to a game.  Because apparently where he chose to live is Irsay’s fault. 

Let’s be honest, folks.  The NFL is a business.  The Indianapolis Colts are a business.  They want to sell those tickets.  What happened to the waiting list?  When I first moved to Indy, I had to wait two years before I got my seats.  What happened to the fans?  Oh right, things got crappy for one season and you all fell of the face of the planet.  Yet, instead of taking responsibility, you want to blame the big man.  Gotcha. 

Okay lets see, the Colts and/or Irsay should buy the tickets and give them to those who can’t afford to go.  Well I have two things to say about that.  One, all NFL teams support people who are in the military, have life threatening diseases, and who have sacraficed for their community.  Yes, those people do deserve an opportunity.  As for those who cannot afford to go to the games, look I’m sorry.  I’m all about there being programs to help the needy when it comes to food, shelter, jobs, the necessities of life.  Going to a football game is a priviledge, not a need.  Sorry you can’t afford to go, but a business should not have to give up revenue for you.  I remember when the Colts did a limited free tour for the new stadium.  I forget how many tickets they gave away but it was in the five figures.  People still complained!  “Well, I didn’t get a fair chance to get the tickets!”  Screw you.  Seriously, that may be harsh, but to me, it seems like you are never satisfied.  You think the Redskins go out in the community as much as the Colts do?  Do you think the Giants are as accessible and easy to meet as the Colts.  Um, no.  We are lucky to be in a market that is still relatively small and easy to get involved in the community. 

If the tickets don’t sell out, then the Colts will have to pay $0.50 of every dollar to the opposing team as opposed to the standard $0.34.  Does anyone realize how much money that would be to lose?  How about we just do this like EVERY OTHER CITY DOES IT?  Buy tickets like good little fans and quit whining and complaining about not being to afford it.  I don’t even live there and I have season tickets!  And please don’t even bring up Jacksonville because they are hanging on to their team by a thread.  We’re better than that.  Don’t compare your own city to that disaster.  Its a disgrace. 


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