Gondola Ride

July 5, 2011 at 3:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Months ago my mom bought a groupon for a gondola ride on the canal downtown. I have to admit that I think they are kind of cheesy and WAY over priced for Indianapolis. Its $350 normal for a one hour ride. Seems a little steep to me. But my mom got the groupon for $100 and she thought it would be fun. However, our tour got cancelled in May so we had to reschedule for July. This left less people who could go and it ended up being me and my parents. On an eight person boat. Sharing a bottle of wine. While someone sang romantic songs in Italian. Yay!

No it was fun, just felt a little bit like a tourist. Lots of people staring and listening to the music. But it was nice and relaxing. I could dip my hands in the water. Here’s a pic of me and my dad. We are drinking wine but my mom had some problems operating the camera feature on my iPhone.

And here is a pic of when my mom was attempting to take pictures with my phone. I think she should just stick to the digital camera.


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