)*&@#%^ House

June 6, 2011 at 12:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I know most of have probably heard me complain about the house we are currently renting. I hate it. I absolutely hate it. When I first moved there, Dana made me say one nice thing about the house a day. I think that last three days. I don’t know why but this morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and just feel like bitching about this house. Probably b/c the last thing I did last night was look for new places.

The first awful thing about is, there is no air conditioning. This is completely my fault and maybe I’m spoiled, but in 2010 I never even thought about having to ask if there was air conditioning. Our awesome ex-neighbors gave us a window unit which we have put in our bedroom. We are so thankful because we are able to sleep at night. However, this pretty much means I have a summer looming ahead of me that consists of me living in my bedroom. The rest of the house is unbearable. I’ve moved Hank’s kennel to the bedroom so that he can stay cool during the day. I feel frustrated at the thought of cleaning or doing laundry. That means I have to go out in the sauna.

The next awful thing is the electricity. We have had major problems with outlets blow, lights bulbs literally exploding, flickering to completely losing half the power. Since we put in the window unit, our bedroom power flickers constantly which scares the crap out of me. This also means that Chris wants the least amount of things plugged into the two crappy outlets in our room. Do you ever stop to think how many things you plug in? Tv, chargers, lamps, alarm clock, dvd player, wii, computer, etc. We know that we are very close to that power just going to shit. Thank god for renter’s insurance and thank god for neighbors who will let me crash in their guest bed with my dog on the nights I’m too scared to stay in that house.

The third worst thing about this house are the mice. I’ve been kind of quiet about this part because to be truly honest, I’m embarrassed. Again, call me spoiled, but I’ve never ever lived in a home that had a single mouse. Not one. This apparently is a very common theme on my street. And once you get rid of the ones that were living in your home while it was vacant, then someone else moves onto to the street and stirs up a whole new bunch of them. I’ve killed more of these than I care to say. My biggest fear is one day Hank is going to catch one of these little jerks and bring them to me as a gift. I think I will die.

The fourth worst thing about my house is my landlady. She’s a slum lord. If my grass gets a centimeter too high for her, she is knocking on my door, leaving me notes, calling my cell phone. However, when our chandelier exploded (literally, I have pictures), it took almost four months for her handy man to replace it. When our shower was leaking so bad it was coming through the ceiling in the kitchen, it took almost a month to fix that. PS It just started leaking again, but when we called the handyman, his phone has been disconnected. She didn’t clean the house at all before we moved which is illegal. She came and mowed our lawn one day without warning and then tried to charge us $40. Did I mention she barely speaks english so communication is awesome with her?

The last thing I hate about this house is the condition that it is in generally. I mentioned before that she didn’t clean the joint at all. By this I mean, when we got the power on, that’s when we saw all the cobwebs, dirts, grime, etc. It took us three house on the kitchen alone. There was stuff left from previous tenants. Light switches are on backwards. The kitchen sink? Oh we pull the lever up to turn on the water. Doors have multiple door knobs on them from when one broke and they just put another one on. Several of our light switches don’t have coverings to them so wires are exposed. Oh our upstairs bathroom, only half a door knob. So you can close it from the inside, but not the outside. I think its helped Chris to learn to keep the toilet seat down. Most of our blinds don’t have the coverings on the front of them so when you go to pull them up, they completely fall down. Haha, on one of our front windows, she didn’t even buy a blind long enough for the window so she put a wooden board up for more privacy.

So in other words, I’m not looking forward to this summer unless I plan to be out of that house every single weekend. I know some of you are probably thinking how could you move into a house that was so bad. Well, when we were looking at this place, we couldn’t do until 6:30 at night in September. So the lighting was awful, she had all the utilities shut off and to be honest, this house does have a lot of potential. I do love the living room and dining room (minus the nails that are constantly coming up on the wood). We thought the place had a lot of character and it was huge for what we were paying. We were excited to get out of an apartment and into something that Hank could have more space in. So hopefully, I can shake this mood off today. Because I hate being grumpy. 😦


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