NCAA Hall of Champions

May 31, 2011 at 7:35 pm (Uncategorized)

Every since I moved to Indy, I have wanted to check out this place.  However, they suffered from a very large fire and had to rebuild.  Its been open for two years, but I have been a lazy butt.  This is also the place I would love to get married in.  They have beautiful ballrooms and they are right on the canal.  Perfect for some awesome pictures.  Anyway, at some point, I realized it was a little silly to talk about where I wanted to get married when I hadn’t even seen the inside of the darn place.  So when my family was looking for something to do, I suggested the Hall of Champions. 

I COMPLETELY recommend this place!  Its a mere $5 to get in and is very interactive.  Downstairs are displays with some basic history of 23 different sports.  There is a huge display just about women’s sports history.  But upstairs is where all of the interactive games are.  We could play basketball, football, soccer, baseball, high jump, etc.  We got a great work out in.  If you have a free day, take a walk on the canal and stop by the NCAA Hall of Champions!


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