Saffron Cafe

May 11, 2011 at 2:31 pm (Uncategorized)

A coworker of mine started an international dining club about a couple months ago.  The idea was to try a different ethnic food once a month.  I love this idea!  But due to budget reasons, I was unable to go the first couple of times.  This month, I was ready to go.  We were headed to Saffron Cafe, a Moroccan restaurant downtown.  Of course, I had already checked out the menu and felt comfortable that I would find something I could eat.  I got Kafta Kababs which are ground beef rolls seasoned and dipped in a red pepper flake sauce.  They were pretty good!  I liked the seasonings.  We sat a table with a very nice couple.  We all shared food so we could try different things.  I loved the entire concept and Ally and I had a great time meeting people and trying new food.  I definitely recommend trying out the restaurant.  I can’t wait to take Chris there and try something different!  I believe next month is a German cafe on the northeast side.  Yum!!


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