Mother’s Day Weekend

May 9, 2011 at 1:50 pm (Uncategorized)

For Mother’s Day this year, we invited Chris’ parents to come down and visit for the weekend.  Denny had some time off due to some minor surgery so we took advantage.  They came in town late Friday afternoon.  I unfortunately got home late due to having to run by the 500 Mini Marathon Expo.  I made some dinner for everyone and had to hit the sack.  I was meeting Colleen at 6:15 am at work!

I met Colleen and her husband at work the next day and her husband dropped us off at the Mini Marthon so that we didn’t have to worry about parking.  It was almost perfect weather.  A little overcast, but warm and not raining!  We walked the 5K in 53 minutes.  I thought that was pretty good considering we were slowed down in the beginning by all the people trying to run by us and then we had to stop for a bathroom break.  I think when I ran the 5K I did it in 43 minutes so 10 extra minutes and not have my knees killing me?  Perfect!  Colleen said she was very surprised at how easy it was and was asking when our next 5K was!?  Ummmmmm, hahaha.

Then I came back and Leta (Chris’ mom) wanted to take me to my first Moose Lodge.  I’m not sure if I mentioned, but membership at Leta’s Moose Lodge has been thin so she asked if she could buy me a membership.  Sure, I don’t care.  But I didn’t think I would ever actually go into one.  Well, I got to go to two Moose Lodges this weekend.  The first one we went to was closed but they let us come in and have a beer.  The second one we went to was very nice, but kind of far away.  I still don’t really understand the Moose Lodge concept.  But I did see that they have 50 cent taco nights and 2 for $20 filet mignon nights so I plan to take advantage. 

Afterwards, we came back to get ready for our Kentucky Derby celebration.  Leta got us all hats to wear and prizes for first, second, third, and last.  This is Leta and I in our finest attire. 

We got pretty tipsy on Saturday night.  We were in the mood to celebrate.  On Sunday morning I got up early and made brunch for everyone.  I made french toast casserole, tomato and spinach strata, manadrin orange salad and bacon.  I did take pictures, but it didnt look as appetizing on the camera as it did in my belly.  So maybe when I make it again, you will see better pictures.  Here are the links:


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  1. Jenn @ Frugal Upstate said,

    I’m so glad you enjoyed the french toast casserole, and that it made your Mother’s Day morning go a bit easier 🙂

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