>Ganassi Tour

November 5, 2010 at 12:42 pm (Uncategorized)

>My cousin Liz has a friend named Shelley who I have come to know over the last couple of years. Her husband is one of the chief engineers for Chip Ganassi Racing. I have mentioned several times to her how big of an IRL fan my dad is and she always said, when he’s in town, bring him by for a tour. Well, I’m not a mooch and I certainly don’t use people for things so I felt uncomfortable bringing it up. However, at Liz’s wedding this weekend, and we had Eric, Shelley and my dad in one room. My dad was good and waited until the breakfast at my aunt’s house the next morning to bring it up. Much to our surprise, they said let’s go right now!

So we ditched my cousin (she did show up three hours late to her own breakfast!) and all headed up to the northwest side. The inside of the building is very impressive. I don’t think we saw a speck of dirt anywhere. I was almost afraid to touch anything!

Here’s Chris with the winning car!
This is inside one of the truck rigs that hauls everyone and the cars around the country.

Look at all of our trophies!

This was just one of the tables of trophies. There were at least three more! We were not allowed to take pictures inside of the garage area where they are working on the cars. But it was so cool getting to see the process from the inside. It is amazing how much of the materials they produce on their own. I’m not sure I understood about half of what Eric was saying, but it was neat seeing the pieces of the cars and how they put them together. This is what I love about the IRL, they are so accessible!


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