>Potato Soup

October 13, 2010 at 6:19 pm (Uncategorized)

>I was going through my 101 things list to cross off things. Its been a while since I’ve updated! As I’m going down the list, I find “Make soup from scratch.” I actually did this last week! I forgot I even put it on my list. I just felt like trying to make some potato soup! Score! So I actually did take pictures along the way in case I felt like blogging which at first I didn’t. But after discovering it was on my list, I have decided to blog.

It was a baked potato soup. So it called for four potatoes to be baked. I did six because our potatoes were looking a little small. Here they are all baked in their glory. I had to cut them open and scoop out the potato and put it aside.

Then I melted some butter and added flour and six cups of milk. Here’s where I went wrong. All day, I talked about this soup. Everyone had ideas about potato soup. What no one told me is, if you are cooking with milk, you should use whole milk. I used skim which is pretty much water. So I was supposed to thicken this but…

I added my mashed potatoes into the “thickened” soup.

And then I added cheese, bacon, sour cream, and green onions. I know they had measurements on the recipe, but honestly people, can you ever have too much of any of the above ingredients? The answer is no.

Then I let this cook for 10 minutes to “thicken some more.”

When it didn’t thicken, I remembered someone telling me that if you can’t get something to thicken, just add flour. So I added flour and added flour and added flour. Well, by the time it was done, it looked like potato soup, but tasted like flour. Haha. I’ve gotten a few tips since then such as use cornstarch instead of flour or add cheese or sour cream to get rid of the flour taste.

Anyway, the soup wasn’t bad, but it was great. I want to try it again only with whole milk. But so far Chris hasn’t dove into try it, but probably due to my description of it. Haha!


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  1. Kim said,

    >yay for trying new recipes!!! Love that you took the pictures along the way. What a good little blogger!

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