>Chiefs/Colts game

October 11, 2010 at 12:22 pm (Uncategorized)

>Yesterday, Chris and I went to the Chiefs/Colts game. We found out very late on Saturday night that our normal tailgate had fallen apart for the next morning. No worries, I had invited a co-worker and his group to come hang out with us. Plus Chris had some friends coming as well. We were a random group of people who didn’t know each other at all, but became fast friends through the game of rodeo balls. PJ, don’t even bother asking.

So the day was looking good. I was in a good mood, had a nice buzz going on, and looking forward to seeing my boys crush the Chiefs. This all changed about 5 minutes into the game. I think I’ve spoken about the seats in front of us. Its always different people and usually fans from the opposing team. Well, there were four people all wearing plain clothes. No jerseys, nothing football related, nothing even professional sports related. The minute our defense got on the field and the fans starts cheering, this is what happened:

Can you see it? Can you see the son and the father with their ears plugged? This happened the entire game. It was too loud for them. I’m pretty sure they were Colts fans. What then got to me even more was the fact that during a defense play, the guy in front of the son stood up to cheer and the son complained! What do you care? You are obviously not a football fan! You didn’t come to the game to listen to the sounds so why bothering watching? Go home and watch it on TV.

I think I have also mentioned before that the people behind us are kind of obnoxious as well. Well, we figured out yesterday that its not the whole group. It’s two of them. That only come to games every once in awhile. They basically sat there the entire game talking about how terrible the Colts were, Peyton sucks, they should bring James back, the Edge would have gotten at least 4 more yards on that play, etc. Oh and don’t worry, they didn’t forget to add in the comment several times that went “Well, when you know football like we do…” Chris confirmed with me that I wasn’t just being a psychotic overprotective Colts fan. They really were not making any sense at all and being very obnoxious. We even had other fans around us complaining. I was pretty miserable.

Then I got an idea. I told the obnoxious guys about the people in front of us. Immediately, their attention was diverted. They spent fourth quarter screaming as loud as they could and making fun of the four people in front of me. It was great! I thoroughly enjoyed the 4th quarter especially b/c we won!! Does this make me a bad person?


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  1. PJ said,

    >Not sure exactly why I come to mind when you mention rodeos…

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