October 8, 2010 at 5:51 pm (Uncategorized)

Would you like to hear how these two became best friends? Well, these are my two two hole punches called Bob and Joe. Bob used to sit on my desk all lonely even though I used him quite a bit. One day, I came to work and Bob was gone!! I asked everyone. No one had seen where my trust hole puncher had gone. Who takes a two hole punch? Seriously? We only use them for our contract files. I don’t know any one else who uses these types of filing folders.

Alas I thought Bob was gone forever. I borrowed Mandy’s two hole punch for about a month before Mandy got us each two new ones. Hers purple and my green (they were out of blue.) So I got Joe maybe last week? I’ve just been getting used to using him. Although he is pretty than Bob, he’s not as sturdy and can only handle so many pieces of paper at one time.

Today, I was showing my pretty Joe to Justin, my cubemate. It came up again about never having found Bob. Kim from accounting happened to be at Justin’s desk. She seemed like the perfectly logical one to blame for Bob’s disappearance. Kim looks at me crazy and says what are you talking about? So I tell her the story. She walks over to her desk and says, you mean this one? And holds up Bob. I’m not even joking, the entire floor stood up to look at her b/c EVERYONE knew that Bob was missing. Apparently, Bob appeared on her desk this past Monday. She didn’t know where or why. She just kind of left it there.

So now Joe and Bob have each other and I will use them according to the size of the project. I’m happy to share my love with both of them. However, we are still trying to figure out, who takes a two hole punch for a month and then returns it to the wrong desk? We may never know…


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