>Fievel Jr

October 6, 2010 at 1:23 pm (Uncategorized)

>So I know I haven’t posted up much about the house. It’s a little frustrating. When we looked at the place, all the utilities had been shut off. So I think we missed quite a few things. The first thing we found out was there is no A/C. It was a miserable first week there, but fortunately, it’s fall and so the temperatures have quickly dropped making the house actually quite pleasant.

Once we got the power on, we noticed that our lovely landlord did not have the place cleaned before we moved in. We spent hours on the kitchen which looked like no one had cleaned it in years. (Apparently, there were drug addicts in there before us so this doesn’t surprise me. ) Tons of cobwebs, trash left from the previous tenant. The backyard hadn’t been tended to in years either. Chris and I have made some vast improvements to this house already.

But there were other things, missing light bulbs, multiple door knobs on doors, backwards faucets, etc. My biggest problem is that we have a mouse. Dana has named him Fievel Jr after her friend, Fievel who lives in her office at work. I guess Chris spotted him first and decided not to tell me. He mentioned it to the neighbors. The neighbors gave us some traps to use which was my first clue there was a mouse. The second clue was the two loafs of bread that he got to before we got smart and started storing the bread in the microwave.

Since then, he has gotten into everything. My cousin Jo and I found him in a box in the bathroom. We tried to trap him and carry him outside, but he jumped out and scared the crap out of both of us. Chris and I bought two cantelopes b/c they were buy one get one free. We left one of them on the counter. Yeah I found it on Monday with holes in it from Fievel Jr. Chris had also put a bunch of full boxes in the laundry room. I didn’t know what was in these boxes.

Yesterday I decided to be motivated and start unpacking more of the kitchen. I finished lining the shelves with shelf liner and was comfortable putting stuff away. I got through one box and moved on to the next. When I opened this box, i saw something move. I slammed the box shut and thought, well it didn’t look a mouse. I kicked the box and definitely heard the feet scrambling around. That was the end of my unpacking. I went and watched a movie.

A couple hours later, I got brave and decided to attempt unpacking again. I kicked the box and didn’t hear anything. I picked it up and still didn’t hear anything. So I carried it in the kitchen. I opened up the box. Disaster. The mouse had chewed up two things of ramen noodles, all my spice packets that I’ve gotten from craft shows or traveling. He ate the side of the my bread crumbs can. I basically pulled out the expensive stuff that was in bottles or cans and threw everything else out. As I was doing this, I saw Fievel Jr jump out of another box in the laundry room. Once again, out for the count. I went upstairs at 8pm and went to bed.

So either the neighbors need to catch Fievel Jr or Chris does. I’m done. This also pretty much sealed my fate of sitting on the front porch drinking tonight b/c I do not want to be in that house.



  1. Kim said,

    >OMG. Have you caught him yet??? Maybe you need a cat to assist in the mouse trapping. Good luck with the unpacking!!!!!

  2. Leslie said,

    >Nope, we are going out on Saturday to get the kind of traps that kill so that we can get rid of the little thing.

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