September 29, 2010 at 4:55 pm (Uncategorized)

>So Dana has been hounding me about not blogging. Well, I’ve been busy! I had to pack up our apartment in two weeks, move, and then unpack what I could in a week before Chris’ parents came to visit. On top of that, its the busiest month of the year at work so I’ve swamped and brain dead. I’m not ready to blog about the house yet. When it’s done, you will get to see pictures.

However, we do have the most amazing neighbors. They have been so nice and mowed our lawn for us. Last night, Chris and I went over there for some adult beverages and had a blast. Unfortunately, we forgot to eat dinner. I went home earlier than Chris, chugged a bottle of water, and went to bed. I woke up feeling a little hungover, but not bad. All I could think about this morning, though, was Taco Bell for lunch. Yum!!! I poured over the menu sharing my complaints about Chris’ order with Dana. I get to Taco Bell and there’s hardly any line. Score! I place my order very carefully and pull around. I have my credit card out my window just waiting for the cashier to take it and give me some yummy delicious beef in return. That’s when she turns to me and says, oh do you have cash? Me, um, no. Her, well our credit card machine just went down. Sorry!

GRRRRRRRR!!!! I was so ticked. I really didn’t want a burger, but I needed greasy food. So I got some McDonalds and shared it with Chris. But, since Dana really wanted me just to post a blog letting my 5 followers (and one of them is me) know that I’m alive. Here is a picture of me.



  1. Dana said,

    >Sad face for no Taco Bell =(But HAPPY FACE for posting finally!!!! =)AND extra happy faces for including me in the blog!=) =) =)

  2. PJ said,

    >I missed you long time. Welcome back to blogging.

  3. Leslie said,

    >Ooo I didn't know you read my blog, PJ!! Yay!

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