>More Rant

August 18, 2010 at 7:55 pm (Uncategorized)

>So, I’ve been trying to bring my lunch to work. Its healthier and more cost efficient. Plus, when I leave for lunch, all the people that came in late to work move their cars to the front row of the parking lot. It really ticks me off. If you came to work late, you should be banished to the back of the lot. It also ticks me off when they leave right at 5pm. Let me tell you that 5/6ths of my company is usually here after 8am. This morning, at 7:58, it was me and one other person. That’s a bit ridiculous.

Anyway, that’s not even supposed to be my rant! My rant is that I take my lunch and a book and I go into the break room. I love it. I’ve been flying through books and I feel so calm when I go back to work for the second part of the day. And I usually take my lunch from noon to one. Well, the “Cold Lady” (the lady that gave me her cold) eats from 12:30 to 1:30 usually. And when she walks into the break room, she always asks me “What are you reading?” To which I reply, the same book. Then she will continue on a conversation with me. Usually about the topic of the book or how come its taking me so long to read this book.

Can you imagine how annoying this is? She can obviously see that I’m reading the same book for the past month. It’s bright yellow. The topic of the book hasn’t changed. I still like it, thanks for asking. And MAYBE if you didn’t talk to me during my lunch, I could finish the damn book. I’m telling that this has ruined my lunches for me. I’m constantly debating with myself on whether I should eat at 11:30 so I can avoid her or if I should wait until 1pm and then maybe I can at least sit away from her. How can I possibly have so much anxiety about one person? Have I mentioned that one time when I went to lunch with her and another coworker that she spent the entire time on the phone with her daughter? Yup, still sitting at the table while we ate.

Well I guess I just want to read and be healthy while I’m reading. So Cold Lady, please stay away from me!


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