>Indy 500 2010

June 2, 2010 at 1:21 am (Uncategorized)

>Well, we have had two very busy weeks. It started with my parents coming in town in time to go to Pole Day at the track. On Sunday, we went to the Indians game. It was pretty hot and the Indians lost in the last inning, but we still had fun.

For Mother’s Day, I bought my mom a spot in the Wine and Canvass class that I believe I have mentioned in another blog. We had a really nice time painting together. Although, we came home to two very drunk men!

One night, Chris made his famous burgers. We usually make these with ground turkey, however, my dad, the health nut, made a huge deal so we got ground beef. These burgers have feta cheese, spinach, and artichoke hearts on them. So yummy! And Chris also, very successfully, grilled corned on the cob in foil.

Race weekend rolled around and we headed to the parade. Butler’s mens basketball team were the Grand Marshalls. They got a big reaction when they came by. Everyone was on their feet cheering. I tried to get everyone to drink every time we saw a Butler t-shirt, but no one wanted to play. 😦 Sad day!

I had been harrassing the 500 Festival parade people for months about whether or not Roy Hibbert would be there again. His name was no where to be found in the line up, but as the parade rolled by, here he came. Our group of course went nuts and yelled Hoya Saxa a lot! He handed his foam finger to my sister Kat. That was really cool.

Here’s the family after the parade. There are a lot of race pictures, but nothing really too interesting. Mostly the same old pics of cars going around the track. 🙂 On Monday, we had an impromptu cookout with some friends and family and finally on Tuesday, everyone left. Phew!! Now it’s almost 10pm and I don’t think I can keep my eyes open any longer. Good night folks!


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