May 10, 2010 at 12:28 pm (Uncategorized)

>So this weekend, I was able to cross several things off my list and that made me really happy. Thursday evening, Amanda and her beau, Jim, came over for dinner. We also made signs for several friends that were running in the Mini Marathon on Saturday. Saturday morning, Amanda was knocking on my door at 7:30am and off we went! We didn’t really have a plan which was quite liberating for me. I’m usually very uneasy when there isn’t a plan in place. However, we knew we had plenty of time. We found a spot to stand about 1/4 of a mile away from the finish line. It was so inspiring to see all the different people finish this 13.1 mile race.

So I’m not sure if you are aware, but it is very difficult to look for one person in a race that has 35,000 participants. I kept looking and looking for my friend, Ally. I wasn’t sure how long it was going to take her to do this race. I kept getting this feeling that I had missed her. Then I reached into my sweatshirt pocket (PS it was below 50 degrees with 30mph winds). I felt keys in there. I thought that’s weird and I pulled them out. They were Chris’ keys. Whoops! And he needed them for work in less than an hour. I immediately got on my phone to call him and guess who runs by and sees me? Ally! So I thrusted up the poster as she ran by. She says that she saw it, but I wish I had been paying more attention. Here’s the sign I made her:

All and all, she did great finishing the race. We tried to wait for Amanda’s friend, but after 4 hours of standing in 30mph winds, we were freezing. We left and missed Jaime by 30 minutes. Boo. But we are so proud of her! She definitely “trained not to suck at life!”

Saturday night, Chris and I used one of my Groupons to go see the play None of the Above at the Theatre on the Square. I had no idea how small the theatre was! I knew it only sat 60 people, but they have three rows of tables and then the stage is literally right there. Its very intimate. I loved the play.

Sunday, Tim came over to grill out with us. We finally used the grill! We had a couple beers, grilled some burgers and potatoes and then the boys went to go play disc golf. Here is a picture of what heaven looks like! 🙂


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