>Date Night

May 4, 2010 at 12:03 pm (Uncategorized)

>Once again, Dana is pressuring me to blog. Haha. I thought after high school, I wasn’t supposed to succumb to peer pressure. Yet here we are! On Sunday, my dad was driving from Kansas back to Virginia. He stopped at our place for the night. Chris was making his famous steak sandwiches. They are so good. If you ever get a chance, make him make these for you. He makes the horseradish sauce from scratch! We were missing some key ingredients and so my dad and I went over to the store to grab them.

We got the things on our list and headed to the check out line. As we were standing there, I noticed the candy bar section. I wondered if I still had the magic touch. So I said “Dad, what are those machines over there? Have you ever seen those?” While he was saying “Huh?” and “What?” I snuck a candy bar onto the belt, hidden amongst our groceries. We made it all the way home until we were unpacking everything. I pulled it out and said “Thanks for the candy bar!” We all got a big kick out of it. Ah memories.

Last night, Chris and I joined a friend of mine, Ally to attend this event called Paul Poteet’s Gotta Eat. Paul Poteet was a local weather guy here with a big personality. He got fired from the tv station and moved into radio. Eventually, someone saw his potential and got him involved in this new venture. About twice a month, he picks a restaurant and they have a social event. Come by for beers, free apps, etc. Last night it was at the Cinema Grill on W 86th St. We got free apps and a free movie, Date Night. It was hilarious! I definitely reccomend it. If you get a chance, go to one of these events. Paul is super nice and we had a great time. I believe the next one is the 19th at Urban Element on Mass Ave.


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