>101 in 1001 Days

April 26, 2010 at 7:38 pm (Uncategorized)

>To help my motivation, I’ve decided to do Dana’s 101 things to do in 1001 days. I worked on a list and with Chris’ help, we have come up with things we want to do or things that I want to do. Here’s my list that I will keep updated on here for myself and anyone who gives a damn! Ha!

101 IN 1001 DAYS – 4/26/10 TO 9/27/2013

Do at least 10 Groupons a year (0/30)
Go to a play in Indy
Attend a football game at another stadium
Go to the beach
Sightsee in St Louis
Sightsee in Chicago
Go to the aquarium in Newport, KY
Try 10 new restaurants a year (0/30)
Go horseback riding
Do a 5K
Volunteer 3 times a year (0/9)
Go to the Indiana State Museum and check out an exhibit
Go the NCAA Basketball Hall of Fame in Spiceland, IN
Work out on every single machine in my gym
Do the Mutt Strutt every year (1/3)
Take Hank on longer walks
Join the dog park
Hike in 4 national parks in Indiana (0/4)
Buy a bottle of Caymus wine to enjoy with Chris
Go the Mini Marathon to cheer on friends
Join the Ladies Beer Club here
Find a book club
Go to a vineyard even if it’s a dumpy one
Make a snowman
Grill out by myself
Cook a dish that involves stuffing (ie Crab stuffed chicken)
Attend at least one of the international festivals once a year (0/3)
Go to a Pacers game
Go to at least 3 Indians game each summer (0/9)
Bring a picnic to an Indians game
Go camping at least once a year (0/3)
Learn how to play cribbage
Make soup from scratch
Go to Comedy Sportz
Try 5 new beers
Go to a local brewery
Go to a Cubs game
Get a manicure
Wear a piece of jewelry at least once a week (0/143)
Blog at least once a week for 2 months (1/8)
Go to a fish fry
Make 20 new recipes (0/20)
Go to the Motorcross race
Attend Carb Day
Go water skiing
Play Bingo
Learn how to make sushi
Teach Hank to catch a Frisbee
Take Hank for a walk on the canal
Go for a bike ride at least once a month when weather is nice
Do a jigsaw puzzle
Read 5 books a year (0/15)
Bring my lunch to work for a month
Run a 10 minute mile
Get my teeth fixed
Learn how to play racquetball
Go to the Covered Bridge Festival
Scrapbook my first year in Indy
Do a clean-up in Indy
Go to Subway and not order ham, tuna, or meatball
Go tubing
Go to the driving range
Go roller skating
Go ice skating
Not eat potatoes for a month
Go sledding
Create a recipe book
Build a gingerbread house
Cook a turkey
Try 10 foods that I swear I hate and will never eat (0/10)
Send a card to 10 friends for no reason (0/10)
Go a month without drinking
Visit my grandma’s grave
Take a horse and carriage ride downtown Indy
Eat ice cream on Monument Circle
Read 15 of the war memorials downtown
Do a scavenger hunt
Go paddleboating on the canal
Read a book in White River Park
Take Hank on the Monon Trail through Broad Ripple
Start a fire in the fireplace on my own
Go to Brown County
Go to a concert at the Murat
Shop at Georgetown Market
Go to a show at Beef and Boards
Go go-carting
Go to the Indiana Museum of Art
Visit Benjamin Harrisons home
Go to the NCAA Hall of Fame Museum
Find a craft show to go to in Indy
Play paintball
Learn how to do a new craft
Take a spin class at my gym
Go to a Packers game in Lambeau Field
Go to a Blackhawks game
Go to the zoo
Watch a movie in the park
Go to a drive in movie theatre
Go to Jazz Fest
Make a scrapbook of our 101 accomplishments
Make a DVD of our 101 accomplishments


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