>Indians Game

April 23, 2010 at 12:22 pm (Uncategorized)

>My company shares a suite with several other companies at Victory Field where the Indianapolis Indians play. They are associated with the Pittsburgh Pirates. I have been fortunate enough to sit in this suite several times a year since I started at Cannon IV. Last night, my entire team was invited to go. As soon as 5pm hit, several of us headed down to Mass Ave Pub for a couple drinks before the game. I think really Leigh and I were just hoping to see some of the firefighters that are in town for the convention. (Sorry Chris!)

Then we drove down to the field. Of course, we had to get another beer when we got there. So we were waiting in line and who did we see? Yeah Rowdie! So Leigh and I got our picture taken with him. You can’t see him doing it to me yet, but he was tickling both of our ears. At least we hope it was a male inside the costume. It was very strange.

Although the Indians lost (they are in last place in their division). It was a pretty cool game. I always have fun hanging out with Cannon IV team. I might have been instigating Leigh to yell things at the ball players, but she won’t care. Right towards the end of the game, Justin figured out that we could change the channel in the suite so that I could watch the draft. Yay!!! For about fifteen minutes. Booooo! Oh well, I’m very happy with the Colts pick. I never worry though because Polian always knows what he’s doing.


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