>Just for Dana

April 21, 2010 at 7:58 pm (Uncategorized)

>Well Dana is bored, people! So we need to up our blogging. Hahahaha. So Chris’ birthday was yesterday. His family and I got him a gas grill. And then we got him the accessories to go with it. I also bought him a couple steaks for his birthday dinner, but apparently there is work involved when getting a grill so we are saving them for later. It’s been great because his mom came in town last weekend and is staying through until this Saturday. She got to be here for his birthday.

In fact, she wanted to be here for my birthday but unfortunately mine isn’t for another month. So I came home on Monday night to a surprise birthday party. Pretty sweet! His family got me a pair of shoes that I had wanted and I got a nice steak dinner with Chris’ famous potatoes followed by two different kinds of ice cream. It was a great birthday.

Plus its been fun having his mom here. She had a friend come stay over the weekend and we went to the casino for my first time ever. I don’t think I’ll go back again, but I thoroughly enjoyed the people watching. I think that the people who run the “People of Walmart” should do a “People of Casinos” website. There were some real winners there. I lost $10 but I only played $10 so I guess that’s good? I don’t know. I’m not a gambler. I’d rather spend my money on other things.

Which brings me to the NFL!! Schedule came out yesterday and I think I’m a greedy spoiled brat. I already have tickets to 10 games. You would think that’s enough for a girl. No way. First the Colts are playing in Denver. Who lives in Denver? My big brother. Should I go out and visit him say around the 26th of September? Absolutely! I also happen to have a flight voucher from last year when my flight got cancelled due to the blizzard. Should I fly home say around the 10th of December to visit my family? Absolutely. Are the Colts maybe playing the Redskins around that time? Maybe! Week 7 brings the Colts bye week. Heather and Kristen are flying to Chicago to go to the Redskins/Bears game. Did you guys know that Chicago is ONLY 2 1/2 hours from me? Just saying! Chris is probably going to read this blog and just shake his head. Poor guy. He doesn’t get to see his team play once and I’m asking to see my team 12 times! Maybe he’ll let me if I get him a new TV?



  1. Dana said,

    >Why thank you Leslie for coming to the rescue =) Wanna make it 13 games? The Colts are playing the Titans Week 14. Just kidding. I'm already going to two Titans games when both the Eagles and the Skins come!

  2. Leslie said,

    >OMG Don't even tempt me! But that's a trip we should plan one of these years. It would be fun to do a weekend in Nashville! Maybe I should just quit my job and travel with the Colts!

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