>Smarty had a Party

April 9, 2010 at 5:57 pm (Uncategorized)

>Woot! It’s Friday! I thought my day was going to start off bad, but its turning out pretty good. Once again, I had a drink fiasco. I made my pot of coffee like I do every morning, but my dad was talking to me before I left. I never put the coffee in my cup. Ugh. This is bad for two reasons. One I’m going to be sluggish all day which is annoying. Two, I usually get really bad headaches when I don’t have my coffee. Some people suggested that I just drink the office coffee. I would except that I’m pretty sure they just filter hot water through the funnel and serve that as coffee. Gross.

But I have a fabulous job with fabulous people and they always some how cheer me up. My co-worker Ally sent out an e-mail letting us know they were giving out free ice cream on the circle today. Go no further! I’m in! Free ice cream, long lunch, quesadilla from Qdoba, perfect!

Even better, tonight after work, we are celebrating two co-workers birthdays and we’re going out. I love when everyone gets together. Its such a fun group of people. I just had to promise Chris that I would eat before I started drinking. I even planned ahead and had one our techs pick me up today so my car won’t be downtown. Just cab it home. 🙂


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