>Two in one day? What what???

April 8, 2010 at 6:32 pm (Uncategorized)

>Two blogs in one day? I know, you guys are shocked! I wanted to share some pictures. For those of you who read Dana’s blog saw the mustache toy for dogs. When Dana shared the link with me that fateful day, I immediately went online and spent the ridiculous amount for this toy. Hank did not understand the concept of it. He kept wanting to chew the ends of the mustache instead of the big ball. Hahaha, so you can see that we had to force him into the pose for the picture and its not even a good one.

So Hank is a very picky guy and he will only go to the bathroom in certain areas. They are kind of in the woods behind our apartment. Its great, but its gets really muddy since he tramples over the area about 7 millions times a day. When we have bad weather, this is what he looks like about every three hours.

This picture is from the Final Four weekend. I love when the Final Four is here. Its like Christmas! No, the fans are always great, there are free concerts and the possibility of seeing famous people! Here’s who we saw! Chris was ecstatic and even said that he inspired Chris to get completely wasted that night. 🙂


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