>People don’t listen to me

April 8, 2010 at 12:53 pm (Uncategorized)

>So my dad is in town visiting us for a couple days. We are very excited to have him. My mom has been busy cleaning out the basement in preparation for more renovations. She sent with my dad my old dollhouse that my grandma made for me. It is wallpapered and tiled with extra pieces of wallpaper and tiles from my parents house when they first moved in. Of course, all of that stuff has been replaced over the years and it is really neat to see it again. She also sent my international doll collection. I wanted to keep all of these things in case I decide to have a kid and I have a girl. I think it would be neat to pass those things along.

Anyway, last night I opened the back porch door. It was really nice out and there was a fabulous storm. I love listening to the rain especially in the springtime. I only had the door open about 8 inches. Hank is a crazy puppy and he likes to slam himself against the sliding glass door especially when he has to go potty outside. I figured that he doesn’t know that a screen door isn’t very stable. Well, towards the end of the night, Chris opens the door all the way to let in more air. I said, I don’t think that’s a good idea. He said, well Hank has to learn what a screen door is eventually. 10 minutes later a white blur flew out of the apartment and around the corner. Yes, it was Hank. I started to say I told you so when Chris told me that I never said anything about the door. My dad and I both said, uh yes i/she did. I think Chris was pretty pissed off at himself. Don’t worry. We found him pretty quickly. He was hanging out by my car and so we caught him. But he was covered head to toe in mud. It makes me wonder about all the other times where Chris has told me that i never told him something when I could have sworn I did….

I will admit that we had a few drinks last night. Nothing big, but we were up later than usual. I woke up this morning feeling a little groggy and a little dehydrated. But I got up and got ready. On my way to work, I thought oh man an iced tea sounds amazing right now. The more I thought about it, the more I had to have it. As I drove by McDonald’s, I glanced at the drive thru line and it was pretty thin so I drove in. I ordered my extra large iced tea. At this point, I’m salivating. I’m so excited about this tea, its not even funny. The lady hands me that glorious cup that has beads of sweat dripping off of it. I rip open the straw and put it in the drink. I go to take one big gulp….it’s diet coke. I HATE diet coke. I know people love that stuff but I think it tastes like barf. I would rather eat mushrooms than drink diet coke. So not only do I hate diet coke, but iced tea and diet coke don’t taste anything alike. When I took that swig with my brain thinking it was going to be iced tea, it was even more shocking. Luckily, one of my favorite co-workers, Cheryl, had bought two iced teas this morning without ice so she could drink them all day. She gave me one of hers. I’m going to go out at lunch today and buy her one to replace the one she gave me. What a sweetheart!


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  1. Dana said,

    >I was feeling the same way you were this morning when I felt the need for a McDonald's coke a while back. I think McDonald's coke is the best tasting coke in the world. I could not wait for it. Salivating, just as you were. Instead I got a Dr. Pepper. I hate Dr. Pepper. I didn't taste it until I was a good mile down the road so I didn't go back. I've learned to take a sip before driving away now.

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