>Wine and Art

April 29, 2010 at 12:21 pm (Uncategorized)

>I can’t remember if I have blogged about Groupon yet, but it is this amazing website. Normally, I like to sign up for those e-mails you get all the time from companies with supposed discounts and deals. But most of the time, I end up just deleting the e-mails before even opening them. Not Groupon. Groupon has a deal of the day but it is not on an item. It is on a service. Most of the ones we get for Indy are spa packages, theatre tickets, restaruant gift cards, etc. But you get them at a major discount. I highly recommend you go to this website Groupon and find your city. It is totally worth it. I have been using it to have an opportunity to try some pretty unique things at a discounted price.

For instance, last night, I and five other ladies went to a wine and canvas party. Here’s the website for you locals: Wine and Canvas . Basically, you show up and you get a canvas and a bunch of paint. A local artist goes step by step and shows you how to paint a famous painting. They picked Starry Night by Van Gogh for this particular class. It was held at a restaurant where they had specials on wine and margaritas for our group. Perfect! So I sipped a margarita and documented my process. Please be kind with your opinions. I am, in no way, an artist. I only did this class b/c it was $17 and I thought it would be fun to do something new.

They had us draw the main objects in the painting with a pencil and then go over it with blue paint. This is the only point where my steeple actually looks like somewhat of a steeple. My houses got a little messed up, but oh well.

We moved onto the greens and started painting the grass. It was really interesting to see how these small strokes eventually became the painting. At this point, I was seeing a lot of white and not a lot of Van Gogh.

This is probably where I started to not like my painting. I thought I messed up on the sky’s rhythm. It was a lot harder than you think to make things swirl. My brain wanted my hand to go one way with the stroke and it would go the complete opposite way. And now my steeple definitely looks like the Washington Monument.

PS There was a couple in the class from Norfolk, Va that I chatted with and turns out later I found out that Jacqueline, Kristen’s sister, knew someone in my class. The girl also posted pictures of her painting and so we put two and two together. If only I had known during the class!

The masterpiece! I know its not exactly like Starry Night, but I’m calling this my interpretation of it. I was pretty impressed with myself though. Normally I draw stick figures. There is supposed to be more white in the sky, but the teacher was going so slow that I got bored and just did the sky the way I wanted to. Anyway, I just keep asking myself how long will Chris be able to hold back before he just has to hang this on the wall? I mean, this is probably going to end up in the Smithsonian. ๐Ÿ™‚


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>101 in 1001 Days

April 26, 2010 at 7:38 pm (Uncategorized)

>To help my motivation, I’ve decided to do Dana’s 101 things to do in 1001 days. I worked on a list and with Chris’ help, we have come up with things we want to do or things that I want to do. Here’s my list that I will keep updated on here for myself and anyone who gives a damn! Ha!

101 IN 1001 DAYS โ€“ 4/26/10 TO 9/27/2013

Do at least 10 Groupons a year (0/30)
Go to a play in Indy
Attend a football game at another stadium
Go to the beach
Sightsee in St Louis
Sightsee in Chicago
Go to the aquarium in Newport, KY
Try 10 new restaurants a year (0/30)
Go horseback riding
Do a 5K
Volunteer 3 times a year (0/9)
Go to the Indiana State Museum and check out an exhibit
Go the NCAA Basketball Hall of Fame in Spiceland, IN
Work out on every single machine in my gym
Do the Mutt Strutt every year (1/3)
Take Hank on longer walks
Join the dog park
Hike in 4 national parks in Indiana (0/4)
Buy a bottle of Caymus wine to enjoy with Chris
Go the Mini Marathon to cheer on friends
Join the Ladies Beer Club here
Find a book club
Go to a vineyard even if itโ€™s a dumpy one
Make a snowman
Grill out by myself
Cook a dish that involves stuffing (ie Crab stuffed chicken)
Attend at least one of the international festivals once a year (0/3)
Go to a Pacers game
Go to at least 3 Indians game each summer (0/9)
Bring a picnic to an Indians game
Go camping at least once a year (0/3)
Learn how to play cribbage
Make soup from scratch
Go to Comedy Sportz
Try 5 new beers
Go to a local brewery
Go to a Cubs game
Get a manicure
Wear a piece of jewelry at least once a week (0/143)
Blog at least once a week for 2 months (1/8)
Go to a fish fry
Make 20 new recipes (0/20)
Go to the Motorcross race
Attend Carb Day
Go water skiing
Play Bingo
Learn how to make sushi
Teach Hank to catch a Frisbee
Take Hank for a walk on the canal
Go for a bike ride at least once a month when weather is nice
Do a jigsaw puzzle
Read 5 books a year (0/15)
Bring my lunch to work for a month
Run a 10 minute mile
Get my teeth fixed
Learn how to play racquetball
Go to the Covered Bridge Festival
Scrapbook my first year in Indy
Do a clean-up in Indy
Go to Subway and not order ham, tuna, or meatball
Go tubing
Go to the driving range
Go roller skating
Go ice skating
Not eat potatoes for a month
Go sledding
Create a recipe book
Build a gingerbread house
Cook a turkey
Try 10 foods that I swear I hate and will never eat (0/10)
Send a card to 10 friends for no reason (0/10)
Go a month without drinking
Visit my grandmaโ€™s grave
Take a horse and carriage ride downtown Indy
Eat ice cream on Monument Circle
Read 15 of the war memorials downtown
Do a scavenger hunt
Go paddleboating on the canal
Read a book in White River Park
Take Hank on the Monon Trail through Broad Ripple
Start a fire in the fireplace on my own
Go to Brown County
Go to a concert at the Murat
Shop at Georgetown Market
Go to a show at Beef and Boards
Go go-carting
Go to the Indiana Museum of Art
Visit Benjamin Harrisons home
Go to the NCAA Hall of Fame Museum
Find a craft show to go to in Indy
Play paintball
Learn how to do a new craft
Take a spin class at my gym
Go to a Packers game in Lambeau Field
Go to a Blackhawks game
Go to the zoo
Watch a movie in the park
Go to a drive in movie theatre
Go to Jazz Fest
Make a scrapbook of our 101 accomplishments
Make a DVD of our 101 accomplishments

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>2010 Mutt Strutt

April 26, 2010 at 12:48 pm (Uncategorized)

>One of my sort of resolutions for the year was to get out more and do more things in the city. I’ve been here for 3 1/2 years and I haven’t done half the things I’ve wanted to do. Actually, what I should do is the list that Dana filled out. Hmmm, I’ll think about it. Anyway, this weekend, I signed up for the Mutt Strutt. It’s a fundraiser for the Indiana Humane Society. It’s held at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway (one of my favorite places!). Basically, you pay an entry fee, try to raise money, and then you get to walk around the track with your doggy.

I was supposed to go with my cousin and her fiance and kid, but it was raining cats and dogs (no pun intended!) and she opted out. So I dragged Chris with me. Haha. He was not a happy camper about it, but he was a trooper. I really appreciated him going with me. I tried to take some pictures, but it was raining so hard, I was afraid of getting my iPhone wet. So here is what I did take. This is right at the beginning of walking around the track. There were still a lot of people there despite the downpour.

Hank was such a good dog the whole time. He just trotted along. He sniffed some butts and said hello to people and then just walked next to us the whole 2 1/2 miles. Yes, for those of you who aren’t familiar with the IMS, it is 2 1/2 miles long with 9 degree banking in the turns. Most of the other dogs were either being pulled in wagons with umbrellas attached or had raincoats on. And by raincoats, I don’t mean that they handmade something out of a trash bag. I mean, full on Paddington Bear type raincoats. Some of the little dogs looked cute in them, but seriously, people need to realize that they are still DOGS! Dogs like getting wet and playing in the mud. We just let Hank have free rein of rolling around in the grass and walking on the track. As long as he wasn’t bothering anyone else.

Most of you know how my dad is so you can’t blame me for my next picture. I had to take a picture of our seats for the Indy 500 and the Brickyard 400 so that he could be reassured that they were doing okay. We’ll be sitting in them in less than a month. When I e-mailed him this picture, his biggest concern was how much dog doodoo was on the track. He said if Danica Patrick spins out, he knows who’s fault it was.
After we walked the track, we went to go check out all the booths. Hank’s vet was there and so we went and said hello. Other booths were giving away free tennis balls and frisbees. We won a $20 giftcard to some place (I’m not sure where as I was standing back to avoid the crowd). However, each of the booths made you stop and sign up for things. So this involved a lot of Chris going up to the booth and me standing back. The more we stood, the more I realized that I was in completely soaked clothes and getting progressively colder. We decided the throw in the towel after 2 hours of the track. This is Hank about 1/2 a mile outside of the track.

Poor doggy was too tired!!! We gave him a nice bath when we got home and then curled up in bed ourselves to warm up. Despite the rain, I had a great time and I’m glad I did it. I had been warned of dogs’ paws burning on the track on hot days. I’m glad that it was rainy for my first time so that I could get a feel of what the event was like and how Hank is around about 1000 other dogs.

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>Indians Game

April 23, 2010 at 12:22 pm (Uncategorized)

>My company shares a suite with several other companies at Victory Field where the Indianapolis Indians play. They are associated with the Pittsburgh Pirates. I have been fortunate enough to sit in this suite several times a year since I started at Cannon IV. Last night, my entire team was invited to go. As soon as 5pm hit, several of us headed down to Mass Ave Pub for a couple drinks before the game. I think really Leigh and I were just hoping to see some of the firefighters that are in town for the convention. (Sorry Chris!)

Then we drove down to the field. Of course, we had to get another beer when we got there. So we were waiting in line and who did we see? Yeah Rowdie! So Leigh and I got our picture taken with him. You can’t see him doing it to me yet, but he was tickling both of our ears. At least we hope it was a male inside the costume. It was very strange.

Although the Indians lost (they are in last place in their division). It was a pretty cool game. I always have fun hanging out with Cannon IV team. I might have been instigating Leigh to yell things at the ball players, but she won’t care. Right towards the end of the game, Justin figured out that we could change the channel in the suite so that I could watch the draft. Yay!!! For about fifteen minutes. Booooo! Oh well, I’m very happy with the Colts pick. I never worry though because Polian always knows what he’s doing.

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>Just for Dana Part II

April 22, 2010 at 12:31 pm (Uncategorized)

>Did you really think that one blog post would incompass my entire plans for the NFL season? Um, no way. One of the other reasons that I was patiently waiting for the schedule to come out was to find out when the Cowboys/Colts game was. Amanda and I had discussed the possibility of her coming out for the game to watch with me. Normally, Chris has first dibs on the second ticket since he pretty much paid for the tickets. However, he is having a friend come in town for the game and would buy some more seats for the boys while Amanda and I have a girls trip to a football game. Drum roll please! If all goes well with Amanda’s schedule, she will be flying out to Indy around December 5th. Woohooo!! I love when friends and family come visit!

Its just too bad that Amanda will have to leave heartbroken just like Howard did when he came to visit. Sad day! Hahaha, no it should be good game and I can’t wait to have her here so we can be dancing machines at Ike and Joneseys and then lose our voices while screaming at our men on the field.

PS Chris got the grill put together last night and it looks awesome. He did an amazing job and was rewarded with some ice cream cake! I’ll take pictures when its outside and being used.

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>Just for Dana

April 21, 2010 at 7:58 pm (Uncategorized)

>Well Dana is bored, people! So we need to up our blogging. Hahahaha. So Chris’ birthday was yesterday. His family and I got him a gas grill. And then we got him the accessories to go with it. I also bought him a couple steaks for his birthday dinner, but apparently there is work involved when getting a grill so we are saving them for later. It’s been great because his mom came in town last weekend and is staying through until this Saturday. She got to be here for his birthday.

In fact, she wanted to be here for my birthday but unfortunately mine isn’t for another month. So I came home on Monday night to a surprise birthday party. Pretty sweet! His family got me a pair of shoes that I had wanted and I got a nice steak dinner with Chris’ famous potatoes followed by two different kinds of ice cream. It was a great birthday.

Plus its been fun having his mom here. She had a friend come stay over the weekend and we went to the casino for my first time ever. I don’t think I’ll go back again, but I thoroughly enjoyed the people watching. I think that the people who run the “People of Walmart” should do a “People of Casinos” website. There were some real winners there. I lost $10 but I only played $10 so I guess that’s good? I don’t know. I’m not a gambler. I’d rather spend my money on other things.

Which brings me to the NFL!! Schedule came out yesterday and I think I’m a greedy spoiled brat. I already have tickets to 10 games. You would think that’s enough for a girl. No way. First the Colts are playing in Denver. Who lives in Denver? My big brother. Should I go out and visit him say around the 26th of September? Absolutely! I also happen to have a flight voucher from last year when my flight got cancelled due to the blizzard. Should I fly home say around the 10th of December to visit my family? Absolutely. Are the Colts maybe playing the Redskins around that time? Maybe! Week 7 brings the Colts bye week. Heather and Kristen are flying to Chicago to go to the Redskins/Bears game. Did you guys know that Chicago is ONLY 2 1/2 hours from me? Just saying! Chris is probably going to read this blog and just shake his head. Poor guy. He doesn’t get to see his team play once and I’m asking to see my team 12 times! Maybe he’ll let me if I get him a new TV?

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>Crazy Hank

April 12, 2010 at 12:02 pm (Uncategorized)

>I believe I have mentioned several times about how crazy our dog, Hank is. I’m not sure if people really understand the level of craziness. He’s not angry crazy. He’s a very happy crazy. He just has a lot of energy. His favorite thing to do is tear around the apartment and launch himself onto our bed as fast as he can. When he wants to go outside, he slams himself against any available door. If someone leaves the room, he also feels the need to slam himself against whatever door they exited and await their return. One time, when traveling with him, Chris and I pulled up to a very busy gas station so that we could get some coffee. I stayed in the car with Hank while Chris graciously ran inside. People kept coming and going and poor Hank ran back and forth in the back seat trying to see where everyone was going. He pretty much has a heart of gold. I’ve never seen him angry or chew things like furniture. He will pick up a shoe and play keep away with you, but that’s it. Most of the time, he just wants to snuggle with and lick your face.

However, Chris came home on Friday to find Hank’s plastic tray in pieces. Shredded, chewed, bitten, destroyed. We are not sure what triggered it. There was really nothing out of the norm. My dad was visiting, but like I said, Hank loves everyone. Usually, I’m the one who comes home to feed him, but Hank wouldn’t have known at that point who was coming home. So when I get paid on Thursday, I’m headed to the pet store to invest in a metal tray.

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>Smarty had a Party

April 9, 2010 at 5:57 pm (Uncategorized)

>Woot! It’s Friday! I thought my day was going to start off bad, but its turning out pretty good. Once again, I had a drink fiasco. I made my pot of coffee like I do every morning, but my dad was talking to me before I left. I never put the coffee in my cup. Ugh. This is bad for two reasons. One I’m going to be sluggish all day which is annoying. Two, I usually get really bad headaches when I don’t have my coffee. Some people suggested that I just drink the office coffee. I would except that I’m pretty sure they just filter hot water through the funnel and serve that as coffee. Gross.

But I have a fabulous job with fabulous people and they always some how cheer me up. My co-worker Ally sent out an e-mail letting us know they were giving out free ice cream on the circle today. Go no further! I’m in! Free ice cream, long lunch, quesadilla from Qdoba, perfect!

Even better, tonight after work, we are celebrating two co-workers birthdays and we’re going out. I love when everyone gets together. Its such a fun group of people. I just had to promise Chris that I would eat before I started drinking. I even planned ahead and had one our techs pick me up today so my car won’t be downtown. Just cab it home. ๐Ÿ™‚

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>Two in one day? What what???

April 8, 2010 at 6:32 pm (Uncategorized)

>Two blogs in one day? I know, you guys are shocked! I wanted to share some pictures. For those of you who read Dana’s blog saw the mustache toy for dogs. When Dana shared the link with me that fateful day, I immediately went online and spent the ridiculous amount for this toy. Hank did not understand the concept of it. He kept wanting to chew the ends of the mustache instead of the big ball. Hahaha, so you can see that we had to force him into the pose for the picture and its not even a good one.

So Hank is a very picky guy and he will only go to the bathroom in certain areas. They are kind of in the woods behind our apartment. Its great, but its gets really muddy since he tramples over the area about 7 millions times a day. When we have bad weather, this is what he looks like about every three hours.

This picture is from the Final Four weekend. I love when the Final Four is here. Its like Christmas! No, the fans are always great, there are free concerts and the possibility of seeing famous people! Here’s who we saw! Chris was ecstatic and even said that he inspired Chris to get completely wasted that night. ๐Ÿ™‚

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>People don’t listen to me

April 8, 2010 at 12:53 pm (Uncategorized)

>So my dad is in town visiting us for a couple days. We are very excited to have him. My mom has been busy cleaning out the basement in preparation for more renovations. She sent with my dad my old dollhouse that my grandma made for me. It is wallpapered and tiled with extra pieces of wallpaper and tiles from my parents house when they first moved in. Of course, all of that stuff has been replaced over the years and it is really neat to see it again. She also sent my international doll collection. I wanted to keep all of these things in case I decide to have a kid and I have a girl. I think it would be neat to pass those things along.

Anyway, last night I opened the back porch door. It was really nice out and there was a fabulous storm. I love listening to the rain especially in the springtime. I only had the door open about 8 inches. Hank is a crazy puppy and he likes to slam himself against the sliding glass door especially when he has to go potty outside. I figured that he doesn’t know that a screen door isn’t very stable. Well, towards the end of the night, Chris opens the door all the way to let in more air. I said, I don’t think that’s a good idea. He said, well Hank has to learn what a screen door is eventually. 10 minutes later a white blur flew out of the apartment and around the corner. Yes, it was Hank. I started to say I told you so when Chris told me that I never said anything about the door. My dad and I both said, uh yes i/she did. I think Chris was pretty pissed off at himself. Don’t worry. We found him pretty quickly. He was hanging out by my car and so we caught him. But he was covered head to toe in mud. It makes me wonder about all the other times where Chris has told me that i never told him something when I could have sworn I did….

I will admit that we had a few drinks last night. Nothing big, but we were up later than usual. I woke up this morning feeling a little groggy and a little dehydrated. But I got up and got ready. On my way to work, I thought oh man an iced tea sounds amazing right now. The more I thought about it, the more I had to have it. As I drove by McDonald’s, I glanced at the drive thru line and it was pretty thin so I drove in. I ordered my extra large iced tea. At this point, I’m salivating. I’m so excited about this tea, its not even funny. The lady hands me that glorious cup that has beads of sweat dripping off of it. I rip open the straw and put it in the drink. I go to take one big gulp….it’s diet coke. I HATE diet coke. I know people love that stuff but I think it tastes like barf. I would rather eat mushrooms than drink diet coke. So not only do I hate diet coke, but iced tea and diet coke don’t taste anything alike. When I took that swig with my brain thinking it was going to be iced tea, it was even more shocking. Luckily, one of my favorite co-workers, Cheryl, had bought two iced teas this morning without ice so she could drink them all day. She gave me one of hers. I’m going to go out at lunch today and buy her one to replace the one she gave me. What a sweetheart!

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