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November 3, 2009 at 6:49 pm (Uncategorized)


For Halloween this year, Dana and Howard drove up from Kentucky to go to the 49ers/Colts game. They were fortunate enough to find seats in the same section as us, only three rows away. They arrived on Saturday evening just in time for dinner and pumpkin carving. Chris made his mom’s delicious sloppy joe recipe. We had a couple more friends stop by to join us. Here are the pumpkins everyone carved. Pretty good!!
On Sunday we got up early and had bagels from Einstein. Dana has been complaining for months about how there are no bagel shops in Paducah. Her mom even froze bagels and mailed them to her! So I spent one day asking tons of questions about her frozen bagel experience so that I could find out her’s and Howard’s favorite bagels. I can’t believe she really thought I was that interested in her bagel experiences!! HAHA!
We got to the parking lot and tailgated for a little bit. We wanted to get over to the stadium so that I could show them my brick and show them around the stadium. Alas, we didn’t get there with enough time so we saw the brick and quickly went to our seats. I wanted to make sure I was there for the pageantry!
It was a real nail biter. The Colts were not looking like the Colts. I have to admit that I was kind of nervous and probably avoided looking over in Dana and Howard’s area for the majority of the first half. During halftime, Howard informed me that he had taken all my Colts stuff in the guest bedroom and turned it upside down or backwards. This was, of course, after the conversation he and I had about how superstitious we are when it comes to football. Unfortunately, his plan was foiled and the Colts won! Yea me! Sorry to Howard who drove 6 hours to watch his team lose. I hope he had fun anyway.

We drove home, exhausted and hungry. We were ready to eat and just relax while watching more football. I opened the door to the apartment and got attacked by a dog! I was in shock! Where did this dog come from?? Well, apparently, Hank got out of his crate and had been enjoying himself for who knows how long. We looked around surveyed the damage. He had destroyed an aluminum can, but didn’t look like he ate of it. A deck of cards was definitely ruined. He pooped on the carpet. And the worst….

Fortunately, it is very easy to get tickets replaced when you’re a season ticket holder. I spent the whole night thinking that I didn’t latch his crate properly. Until Monday….he did the same thing. Now we know that our Hankdini can open his crate. I have now attached a 3lb padlock to the door. We’ll see if he can get that open! I knew I shouldn’t have read Marley and Me!!!! Ha ha!


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