>Best Boyfriend Ever!

October 8, 2009 at 7:24 pm (Uncategorized)


So this morning I’m sitting at work, just doing my thing when Joe from the warehouse comes over to my desk and hands me a package. I didn’t order anything so I was clueless. Then I saw on the box it said from NFL.com. Well, I used to order stuff from there all the time and then forget that I did. So I thought, gee did I order something and completely forget about it? Then I saw below my name was Chris’ phone number. I said, oh that’s my boyfriend’s phone number. I opened it up and inside was a customized Melvin Bullitt Colts jersey. He is my new favorite defensive player as of last year and was hoping to get his jersey for Christmas.

I thought he had got this for me for our anniversary next week, but he told me no, we don’t do gifts for our anniversary. This was just because he knew I wanted one really bad. What a sweet guy!! And then on his lunch break he cleaned out the fridge for me and took out the trash so that I can relax tonight and watch my trashy shows. What a great guy!!

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