>Public Storage

April 24, 2009 at 3:43 pm (Uncategorized)

>So I have to rant because I am royally ticked off today. I have had a unit with Public Storage since November 2007. I have faithfully paid my bill on the first of every single month. Not a single payment missed or even a day late. I haven’t even been INSIDE the unit since I started renting. Partially due to the fact that I lost keys within weeks of renting the unit and partially b/c Chris doesn’t want me bringing in a bunch of junk. Whatever.

One of Chris’ co-workers was looking for two twin beds which I happen to have just sitting in my storage unit. I told him he could have them. So I go to Public Storage on Monday April 6th. I tell them I need the lock cut off and a new one put on. I explain to her that the following day I have someone meeting me at 5pm there to get stuff out. Will this be a problem? No no no she says, the lock will be cut off today and I will call you to confirm that it has been. Does she call me? No. I call her the next day. It took me three hours to get a hold of someone there. She goes, oh the guy hasn’t come out yet to cut off the lock…I’ll call him to remind him. She then calls me back at 4:30pm to tell me that the lock will not be cut off that day. I’m really ticked at this point, but it is what it is so I ask her if she can guaruntee that it will be cut off on Wednesday. She says yes and this time I will make an effort to contact this guy to make sure he cuts off the lock. WTF???????????????????????????? I told you on Monday that I needed it cut off by the next day and you are telling me now that you didn’t even make an effort????

As it turns out the co-worker couldn’t come any other time that week so we decided to postpone. I get a phone call on Friday, April 10th from this chick telling me that they have just cut off my lock and I am free to enter the unit when I want. I was really pissed at this point. It took 5 days to have a stupid lock cut off. Ridiculous. I was going to complain, but I lost interest and got busy with other things.

Last night, Chris and this co-worker drive all the way downtown to get the beds out of storage. He calls me about 7pm and says the key is not working and they can’t get into the unit and they are both PISSED as HELL! So I come to work today and call Public Storage. I ask to speak with the manager who happens to be the dumb a$$ that I’ve been dealing with. I gave her a piece of my mind. I told her this was ridiculous and an embarrassment to me and her company. She stuttered for a while and said she was going to go check the lock and call me back.

Well, it turns out the district manager cut my lock off and b/c the store manager was not there when it happened, he put a blue plastic covering over the lock that she has to remove before I can get into the unit. Helpful information about THREE WEEKS AGO! She claims that she did not know there was a plastic cover on it. Where the F is the communication in this place? So now I have left a message with the district manager to call me back to see what he can do. She tld me he could probably knock a couple bucks off my rent. Uhhhhh I would like a whole month free, thank you very much. It is absolutely ridiculous that I have invested as much time as I have into getting into a room that has a door that rolls up. It’s a simple padlock lock. Nothing fancy. No need for a rocket scientist. So it’s not even noon yet and I’m ready for a vodka and something. Thanks for letting me rant, blog people!


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