>April Showers brings April Snow??

April 7, 2009 at 12:40 pm (Uncategorized)


Hey everyone!!! So far in April it has rained. Then yesterday, it decided to snow and rain at the same time! Did I mention that it is APRIL??? In honor of Kristen…Dear Crazy! Life in Indiana is getting pretty crazy! I’m amazed at how busy I am yet none of that includes going to bars! In March, my dad drove out to visit Chris and I in our new apartment. He loves having his own room and bathroom. We surprised him with all of his favorite things; Kroger pickles, grape nut flakes, pepsi (in plastic bottles) and bourbon. We all went out to eat at this amazing restaurant called Rick’s Boatyard. I definitely recommend it if you like seafood. It was delicious!

Another new thing I did this month was babysit a four month old. Yeah…me…. ha ha. For a couple days we had some gorgeous weather her and my cousin wanted to go Harley riding with her man so I watched her little tyke, Trent for a couple hours. Let me tell you, he is cute as a button, but he cried almost the whole time. I’m sure it was my fault, but I gues I’ll wait a little while before having kids.

At the end of March, Chris and I drove all the way to Virginia for Kim and Tony’s wedding!!! So much fun! We got to hang out with my parents all Thursday night. On Friday, it was out to Sleezeburg to get ready for the rehearsal dinner. I was exhausted after that. I wish I could say that we went out and partied like rock stars, but I went to bed at like 11pm. Saturday was filled with getting ready, pictures, and champagne. I had a blast the whole time and I hope Kim remembers that day forever. She looked beautiful. It was a little cold and rainy, but nothing could ruin Kim’s fun. She was anything but a bridezilla. In fact, I think she made me realize how much of a bridezilla I will be if a certain someone either sh**s or gets off the pot. Ha ha, just kidding! It was great seeing a lot of old friends and getting to spend time with everyone singing Glory Days and dancing our butts off! Now I just need Seth and Susan to set a date so I know when I’m coming home next!


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