>Real Good Idea

May 7, 2008 at 8:36 pm (Kansas)

>So I created this blog to keep everyone caught up since I’m too busy to talk to everyone. Well, I’m too busy to keep updating this darn thing! Kansas was a blast. My dad and I spent a lot of QT together. We went to the track on Saturday and watched the IRL practices and qualifying. Then we went to dinner at the best steak house in Lawrence, Kansas. Let me tell you, I’d rather get a steak at Logans. It was awful and really upset my stomach. Sunday was race day! Jeff’s girlfriend Kayla and his friend Brandon met us at the house to get ready to go tailgate. Well, we all got the bright idea of bringing liquor to the race. Not so bright. I have not been that drunk in a long time. In fact, the race ended, and I had no clue. That’s how blitzed I was. I’m not doing that ever again. It was pure punishment having an hour drive to the airport and then two flights to get home. Needless to say, the no smoking policy at the airports didn’t bother me one bit that day.

Since then, I’ve been working a lot and finishing up my spring semester. I took my math final last night and I’m done til after Memorial Day weekend. Then I start up another crazy semester. I’m taking three class this time. Two of them are for two weeks each (Intro to Business and Business Law) and then I’m taking my computer class online for 10 weeks. We will see how that goes. I’ve been preparing for my trip back to Virginia. Chris and I are both very excited to go on our first major road trip together and talk about our feelings the whole time. Ha ha, actually, Chris is very excited. He loves Glory Days and all my friends and the area in general. He asked if we could move there. I just laughed. We all know how much of an effort was put into getting to the point I’m at now so I’m not moving ANYWHERE!!

Well, I have to finish up some things here before I leave the office for 5 whole days so see you all tomorrow night at the Hole!


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