August 9, 2012 at 6:01 pm (Uncategorized)

Okay I’m not trying to start WWWIII over here, but I was just on reading reviews of some restaurants.  Yes, I like to find new places to try and then I have to bookmark them somewhere so that I won’t forget!  Now I am a meat eater.  Most of the places I’m looking at are steakhouses or places that are known for creative platters based around meat.  It drives me CRAZY to see a review from a vegetarian that says “Well I went here, but they didn’t really have any vegetarian choices for me.”

Ummmmmm, what??  I cannot BELIEVE that at a steakhouse they had very few options for you.  In fact, I’m shocked.  Oh wait, I’m not.  I don’t go into a vegetarian restaurant and comment on the lack of meat options.  Don’t go to my places and complain.  We, by nature, are hunters and gatherers.  You have chosen not to eat meat.  You deal with the consequences.  Now, I know for some people it isn’t a choice.  I know several people that for medical reasons have had to cut meat out of their diet.  But for those who do it for the animals or for giggles, take your business elsewhere.  It is not every restaurants fault that you decided to cut out 65% of potential food.  If you have picky taste buds, crazy diet requests, or are just an asshole, then stay home!

End rant.


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August 7, 2012 at 2:23 pm (Uncategorized)

I got a unique opportunity a couple weeks ago. My company wanted to send me out to Chicago for training but because it was so last minute, the flight would have been very expensive. And the flight would have had to have been purchased on July’s budget which was already high for the month. So I offered to drive. I’m pretty sure I’m insane, but what I saw was an opportunity to spend two weekends in Indianapolis on the company’s dime. So, last Sunday, I got in my car to drive to Indy and stay with my friend Cassy. She graciously made me dinner and allowed me to crash at her house.


Couldn’t wait to see this little guy!


The next day I got up and went to Cannon IV to visit with some old coworkers and check out Bru Burger, a new restaurant on Mass Ave, with Colleen and Mandy.  After lunch, off I went to Chicago for my training.  I got to stay in a Westin which was very nice.  Here’s the view from my room.

My shower had two heads!  I couldn’t believe it.  There was a note that said something about saving the environment and only using one of the heads.  Ummmmm, if you are going to put a double headed shower head in my shower, then I’m using it.  Duh.  Sorry environment!  If they really were earth friendly, they wouldn’t have installed it.

Anyway, I spent the next four days in a training room on the 12th floor of a building that had 360 views of Chicago.  It was very impressive.  The training was actually fun.  I had a great time and learned a lot.  For lunch they had food catered from almost all my Chicago favorites.  We had hot dogs, Italian beefs, and deep dish pizza.

On Friday, I headed back to Indy to stay with Jason and Jeff. On my way back, I decided to stop at Fair Oaks Farms because I’ve always wanted to and I wanted to buy some cheese.  Unfortunately, I left it in the boys refridgerator when I left to head back to Virginia.  But  here’s a picture of the place.

After that I just spent the weekend hanging out with my boys.  We hit a couple bars downtown, ate some good food and probably got way too drunk half the time.  Sunday morning came quickly and I hit the road at 6:30am.  Unfortunately, it just wasn’t my day to drive.  I followed huge thunderstorms pretty much the entire way.  The only time it wasn’t raining was when I was sitting on the highway for 2 hours due to a vehicle fire blocking all lanes.  Yay!  But all in all, the trip was a success, saw friends, got trained, sold some stuff, brought more things home from my storage unit, and had a great time!

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Sweet Boyfriend

August 7, 2012 at 1:02 pm (Uncategorized)

Sorry this post is coming quite delayed but I had some technical issues that were preventing me from posting. A couple Thursdays ago, I was having one of those days. You know, where you wake up on the wrong side of the bed and just nothing seems to go right? Yeah… I can’t remember all the details of what was going wrong, but I just felt like the world was against me. I’m sitting at my desk, staring at my computer screen, completely frustrated when I see something out of the corner of my eye. Its flowers! I was shocked because it wasn’t a special occassion or anything. And then I look up to see that its Brendan carrying them and he has a bag of Chex Mix (my fav snack). I’m thankful to have a guy in my life who will show up at my work just to put a smile on my face.

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No More Restaurants with Brendan

July 24, 2012 at 3:11 pm (Uncategorized)

So after last night, I’ve decided I’m not going to eat with Brendan anymore at restaurants.  It seems that every time I go with him, my order gets messed up.  I remember one of the first times we ate together after I moved, he took me to this little cafe in Herndon.  It was very cute and there were some unique foods.  I decided to order one of the specials.  So I picked up the specials menu and pointed to the dish I wanted and said the name outloud.  I can’t remember exactly what it was but i believe it was tilapia.  I ended up getting some pork dish.  Pork and tilapia do sound alike and they were listed on completely seperate menus so I can understand how she got confused.  I didn’t want to wait for them to make my order so I just ate what they gave me. 

Another time, we went to Chilis and they had three new versions of quesadillas.  Again i can’t remember what I ordered, but there was a picture of it on the menu.  It was the only one of the new quesadillas that they had a picture of.  I pointed to it and said the name outloud.  Yeah, she brought me a completely different quesadilla.  This time, Brendan refused to let me eat it.  He requested that they bring me the right item. 

Last night, we went to Backyard Grill.  I had a Groupon.  I know, y’all are shocked.  I ordered first.  We wanted to start with the crab dip and I wanted the buffalo chicken wrap but instead of blue cheese, I wanted ranch and could I get that with coleslaw?  The waiter rolled his eyes and pulls out his notebook and says “Well now I have to write this down.”  Bear in mind that he had a trainee with him and had all of one other table besides us.  So he asks me to repeat my order, which I do and he says okay the buffalo chicken sandwich…  I said no the wrap.  Okay, yeah guess what he brought me?  The sandwich.  Once again, I refused to send it back.  I wasn’t going to wait and it was basically the same thing. 

I’ve never had this problem before.  Is it a new NOVA thing?  Is the next generation just really lazy and doesn’t care about their job?  I don’t know, but I would like to receive what I order!  To top it off, here’s a picture of their brunch menu.  Notice the problem? 


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Colts Potential Blackout

July 12, 2012 at 7:42 pm (Uncategorized)

I think everyone knows that I have a huge passion for the city of Indianapolis.  It was an amazing home for me for five years and I honestly have a hard time saying a bad word about it.  However, this week, I’m very disappointed not only in Indianapolis, but in the local “Colts” fans.  I put Colts in quotes since a lot of people are bitter about the bad season last year and have dropped off the planet.  I’ve read the articles about how if the Colts don’t sell out then they will black out the games.  And then I’ve read the comments.  Everyone blaming Irsay.  Everyone yelling about how its unfair.  Everyone yelling about how the Colts should take the remaining tickets and give them to people who can’t afford to go.  Everyone saying Irsay should spend his money and buy the rest of the tickets.  My favorite was the guy who wrote Irsay=Obama.  My second favorite is a guy also blaming the fact that he would have to drive 200 miles to go to a game.  Because apparently where he chose to live is Irsay’s fault. 

Let’s be honest, folks.  The NFL is a business.  The Indianapolis Colts are a business.  They want to sell those tickets.  What happened to the waiting list?  When I first moved to Indy, I had to wait two years before I got my seats.  What happened to the fans?  Oh right, things got crappy for one season and you all fell of the face of the planet.  Yet, instead of taking responsibility, you want to blame the big man.  Gotcha. 

Okay lets see, the Colts and/or Irsay should buy the tickets and give them to those who can’t afford to go.  Well I have two things to say about that.  One, all NFL teams support people who are in the military, have life threatening diseases, and who have sacraficed for their community.  Yes, those people do deserve an opportunity.  As for those who cannot afford to go to the games, look I’m sorry.  I’m all about there being programs to help the needy when it comes to food, shelter, jobs, the necessities of life.  Going to a football game is a priviledge, not a need.  Sorry you can’t afford to go, but a business should not have to give up revenue for you.  I remember when the Colts did a limited free tour for the new stadium.  I forget how many tickets they gave away but it was in the five figures.  People still complained!  “Well, I didn’t get a fair chance to get the tickets!”  Screw you.  Seriously, that may be harsh, but to me, it seems like you are never satisfied.  You think the Redskins go out in the community as much as the Colts do?  Do you think the Giants are as accessible and easy to meet as the Colts.  Um, no.  We are lucky to be in a market that is still relatively small and easy to get involved in the community. 

If the tickets don’t sell out, then the Colts will have to pay $0.50 of every dollar to the opposing team as opposed to the standard $0.34.  Does anyone realize how much money that would be to lose?  How about we just do this like EVERY OTHER CITY DOES IT?  Buy tickets like good little fans and quit whining and complaining about not being to afford it.  I don’t even live there and I have season tickets!  And please don’t even bring up Jacksonville because they are hanging on to their team by a thread.  We’re better than that.  Don’t compare your own city to that disaster.  Its a disgrace. 

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New 101 in 1001 Days

September 19, 2011 at 12:46 pm (Uncategorized)

Wow, its been a while since I blogged. Well most of you already know that I have moved back to Virginia and am pretty much all settled in. I got to thinking though about my list of 101 things. First of all, I’ve been slacking. Due to good reason though! My last three months in Indy left me tight on cash and plus I was busy trying to MOVE!!! However, this is my third week here and I’m ready to get back to the old motivated Leslie. I went through my list and deleted off all the ones I hadn’t done yet that had to do with Indy. I still would like to do those things eventually, but LBH I’m not going to have time to do them when I go back and visit.

This is where you guys come in. I have a lot of blank spaces now. I’m sure eventually, I will hear about things I want to do and add them to my list. But I was hoping maybe you guys would have some suggestions on fun things to do in the area. I’ve already bought three groupons so don’t worry about me slacking in that department! Anyway, I’ll take any suggestion. Cool restaurants, new exhibits, places to camp, hike, etc. My ears are open!

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Gondola Ride

July 5, 2011 at 3:07 pm (Uncategorized)

Months ago my mom bought a groupon for a gondola ride on the canal downtown. I have to admit that I think they are kind of cheesy and WAY over priced for Indianapolis. Its $350 normal for a one hour ride. Seems a little steep to me. But my mom got the groupon for $100 and she thought it would be fun. However, our tour got cancelled in May so we had to reschedule for July. This left less people who could go and it ended up being me and my parents. On an eight person boat. Sharing a bottle of wine. While someone sang romantic songs in Italian. Yay!

No it was fun, just felt a little bit like a tourist. Lots of people staring and listening to the music. But it was nice and relaxing. I could dip my hands in the water. Here’s a pic of me and my dad. We are drinking wine but my mom had some problems operating the camera feature on my iPhone.

And here is a pic of when my mom was attempting to take pictures with my phone. I think she should just stick to the digital camera.

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June 16, 2011 at 12:44 pm (Uncategorized)

As most of you know, Chris and I broke up last Thursday. Don’t feel bad. It is a good thing for both of us and we are still very good friends. However, we now have the tedious task of untangling our lives that have been growing together for five years. So last Saturday when it was 74 degrees out, I took advantage of the house not being a million degrees and started boxing stuff up. I was doing very good until I found a bunch of pictures. Most of them were from Indiana, but there were little pockets of Virginia pictures. And that’s when I came across this:

This is a picture of Kristen, Shelley, me, and Heather with one of our oldest regulars Cajun. Cajun passed away about 7 years ago. It was a very surreal moment when he came to the bar and told us he was dying and that he would be moving back down to New Orleans to spend the rest of his time on earth. When Cajun would come into the bar, you always groaned a little bit. He was cranky and picky and sometimes just plain mean and rude. If there was too much head on a beer, he sent it back. Or if it sat too long and the head of the beer disolved, he would make you top it off. But every once in a while, Cajun would crack a joke or say something that just made you laugh your ass off. As much as any one of us groaned when seeing Cajun, deep down we all loved him. We loved his attitude and gave it right back to him which he loved even more.

This picture also made me reflect a lot. At that time, all four of us girls were bartending at Glory Days, the place that brought us together. As of just a few weeks ago, none of us work there. We all have big girl jobs and big girl homes. I’m just so proud of how each one of us has grown as people and yet still managed to stay very close despite miles and miles between some of us. There isn’t anything that one of us wouldn’t do for the other and I’m proud to call these girls my friends. Here’s to all being back in Virginia one day and here’s to Cajun may he rest in peace!

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Ladies Night Out!!

June 8, 2011 at 1:05 pm (Uncategorized)

Its not often I get a ladies night out in Indy. So when Misty and Angela invited me to join them for drinks and dinner, I said yes immediately. We went to this restaurant tucked away in the neighborhood of Broad Ripple called Fire on the Monon. I had never been here before so I was super excited to check it out. When Misty and I walked in, we realized this place’s air conditioning was broken. WTF??? I gotta live in at home and now this? But we put on a happy face and sat down. Angela showed up with Van for dinner. Here’s my hot date for the evening.

Eventually Nick came and took Van home so us ladies could continue on. I had the Nero salad which was a ceasar salad with roasted aparagus and tomatoes on it. It was very good! Don’t worry Dana, Angela got the veggie pizza and let me have a piece. It was yummy as well! After melting for an hour or so, we decided to change venues so we could cool off. And also, Fire does not serve liquor. I managed to suffer through an Upland Wheat. But I was ready for some booze. We walked down to Plumps, a dog friendly bar, only to find out that they don’t have air conditioning either. Ugh! So we decided to sit on the patio and drink margaritas. Thank you ladies, for a great evening, amazing conversation, and a listening ear. I appreciate you guys and can’t wait to conspire with Angela on Misty’s bachelorette party!

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)*&@#%^ House

June 6, 2011 at 12:50 pm (Uncategorized)

I know most of have probably heard me complain about the house we are currently renting. I hate it. I absolutely hate it. When I first moved there, Dana made me say one nice thing about the house a day. I think that last three days. I don’t know why but this morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed and just feel like bitching about this house. Probably b/c the last thing I did last night was look for new places.

The first awful thing about is, there is no air conditioning. This is completely my fault and maybe I’m spoiled, but in 2010 I never even thought about having to ask if there was air conditioning. Our awesome ex-neighbors gave us a window unit which we have put in our bedroom. We are so thankful because we are able to sleep at night. However, this pretty much means I have a summer looming ahead of me that consists of me living in my bedroom. The rest of the house is unbearable. I’ve moved Hank’s kennel to the bedroom so that he can stay cool during the day. I feel frustrated at the thought of cleaning or doing laundry. That means I have to go out in the sauna.

The next awful thing is the electricity. We have had major problems with outlets blow, lights bulbs literally exploding, flickering to completely losing half the power. Since we put in the window unit, our bedroom power flickers constantly which scares the crap out of me. This also means that Chris wants the least amount of things plugged into the two crappy outlets in our room. Do you ever stop to think how many things you plug in? Tv, chargers, lamps, alarm clock, dvd player, wii, computer, etc. We know that we are very close to that power just going to shit. Thank god for renter’s insurance and thank god for neighbors who will let me crash in their guest bed with my dog on the nights I’m too scared to stay in that house.

The third worst thing about this house are the mice. I’ve been kind of quiet about this part because to be truly honest, I’m embarrassed. Again, call me spoiled, but I’ve never ever lived in a home that had a single mouse. Not one. This apparently is a very common theme on my street. And once you get rid of the ones that were living in your home while it was vacant, then someone else moves onto to the street and stirs up a whole new bunch of them. I’ve killed more of these than I care to say. My biggest fear is one day Hank is going to catch one of these little jerks and bring them to me as a gift. I think I will die.

The fourth worst thing about my house is my landlady. She’s a slum lord. If my grass gets a centimeter too high for her, she is knocking on my door, leaving me notes, calling my cell phone. However, when our chandelier exploded (literally, I have pictures), it took almost four months for her handy man to replace it. When our shower was leaking so bad it was coming through the ceiling in the kitchen, it took almost a month to fix that. PS It just started leaking again, but when we called the handyman, his phone has been disconnected. She didn’t clean the house at all before we moved which is illegal. She came and mowed our lawn one day without warning and then tried to charge us $40. Did I mention she barely speaks english so communication is awesome with her?

The last thing I hate about this house is the condition that it is in generally. I mentioned before that she didn’t clean the joint at all. By this I mean, when we got the power on, that’s when we saw all the cobwebs, dirts, grime, etc. It took us three house on the kitchen alone. There was stuff left from previous tenants. Light switches are on backwards. The kitchen sink? Oh we pull the lever up to turn on the water. Doors have multiple door knobs on them from when one broke and they just put another one on. Several of our light switches don’t have coverings to them so wires are exposed. Oh our upstairs bathroom, only half a door knob. So you can close it from the inside, but not the outside. I think its helped Chris to learn to keep the toilet seat down. Most of our blinds don’t have the coverings on the front of them so when you go to pull them up, they completely fall down. Haha, on one of our front windows, she didn’t even buy a blind long enough for the window so she put a wooden board up for more privacy.

So in other words, I’m not looking forward to this summer unless I plan to be out of that house every single weekend. I know some of you are probably thinking how could you move into a house that was so bad. Well, when we were looking at this place, we couldn’t do until 6:30 at night in September. So the lighting was awful, she had all the utilities shut off and to be honest, this house does have a lot of potential. I do love the living room and dining room (minus the nails that are constantly coming up on the wood). We thought the place had a lot of character and it was huge for what we were paying. We were excited to get out of an apartment and into something that Hank could have more space in. So hopefully, I can shake this mood off today. Because I hate being grumpy. 😦

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